Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Mes Vacances Avec Holga : Kawah Putih

Just a few image from my Holga 120 CFN
Location : Kawah Putih

It was so fun hunting with LomoRanger Bandung, we went to Kawah Putih.There is so much fun during the trip. You all can see the hunting session photo in my multiply.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Snapshots From HALOMO

Family comes first

Before a big happy family photo session.It was fun!

Is He?



Zenit 3m

A Little Cat

Night and Vespa

7:00 PM
Vespa Corsa
Gilang Abiyoso
and Holga 120 CFN

I made it for everyone who loves both vespa and lomographic especially Holga freak out there.

Halomo : Lomo Exhibition

Halomo : Lomo Exhibition was held at GaleriKita,Bandung.
From 5 April 2008 to 27 April 2008.
Here a few shot from HALOMO.
yippie!! It was my first Exhibition and of course my first lomo exhibition too.
comments are welcome.

Absurd Fisheye#2

I don't know why this photo seems so absurd,I mean I shoot this one

but I can't barely know if this shoot exist or not.

This was taken at GaleriKita, the closing party of Halomo Lomo Exhibition.

Do The Double

Accidently shooting double shoot at one object using my dearest
Leia the Cosina CX 2. So right now I give you all the Doubles.

Double Cross Shoe Generation

Double Fairy Tooth

Double Masker Monster