Friday, 26 September 2008

Interviewed By Lomographic Society International

Yeaaaahhh,I've been Interviewed By Lomographic Society International.
It came as a suprise and I'm so very flattered happy as a baby boy!

I would like to say a big thank you for Lomographic Society International for giving me
the chance to give my silly answers to their fun questions.

Here's the interview :
Adi is a 21-year-old Financial Management student in Padjadjaran University, Bandung, West Java,Indonesia. He’s also one of the most active Lomographers in the community! Besides taking photos and hanging out with friends and family, he likes to collect cameras and eat delicious food. Let’s get to know him more, shall we? :)

What was your first Lomographic experience? How was it? Well,my first lomographic experience was back in year 2006.. back then I’m just so curious about so many photo in the website ( that attracts my attention,I just don’t know the camera back then, after that I discovered that many photos which I saw in DeviantArt was a photo taken by a fisheye lomography camera. After that I keep browsing,then I got my answer after opening the website … I tell to myself “WHAT THE HELL IS LOMOGRAPHY?” and a year after that I bought a fisheye no.2 camera, that was a very first start for me to enter the lomography world,I would say a big thanks for my dad,he bought me that fisheye no.2 camera :)

Who is your major influence in photography? My Dad,he’s such a big inspiration for me in a lot of things especially photography,he’s not a professional photographer but I just love the way he shoot with his Canon AE-1. YES!! he’s the first person that teach me PHOTOGRAPHY. So as you can see,my dad put this big influence in my analogue photography life. Maybe someday you might interview him ;p

Among all the cameras that you have, which one do you value the most (and why)? Value the most? Is it just have to be just one camera?well…that is a tricky question..hmmmmm.. to be honest, as my first lomography camera and my first love in lomography world I must say that my Fisheye No.2 is the one. I don’t know I just love it,maybe since I was a little boy I was so obsess with that fisheye effect,its so cool I think when I was still a little boy and now I’m still amazed by that super-wide-angle fisheye effect. For your information,my fisheye no.2 I name it Luna, Say hello to Luna,everybody!! :))))

What’s your favorite photography/Lomography trick? I don’t have any tricks.. I just follow the rules from the books. hmmmm…. maybe not tricks just tips okay, tips from me to all fellow lomographer world wide is : just keep shooting people as your desired object of lomographs. Well I took many shots of my friend,family,girlfriend and yes they’re so cool to be shot. The cool thing about shooting people is you can actually feel the excitement when you point the camera at them and they like “come on,adi.. please take a photo of us…” I just love how people reacts everytime I shoot them with my camera. :) I love you all,people!

Someone wants your photo up on a billboard. Which photo would it be?

hmmmm… a hard one, well I go with a photo that I took in the supermarket and I titled that photo “Lost In The Supermarket”. That title was very inspired by a The Clash song “Lost In The Supermarket”. I wish one day,when I was walking down the street and see my photo in the billboard… I think my reactions would be “WHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA…...........” hahahahahahahaha

Any funny experiences while taking pictures? a funny question but I’ll answer it. You know everytime I go hunting with myself or with my friend. THERE IS ALWAYS somebody or a stranger calling us and say something like this “come on lad,please took a photo of us..please..come on lad..please” whether its a man or a woman,boy or girl even a little boy or little girl. Then after that I just point at them and CLICK! after that I’d say “thank you very much to them..” and their reaction was so warm,usually a big happy warm smile to me. To me that is a priceless experience and also funny! :))))

A day in the life of adi_totp: woke up from my bed,taking a bath.. after that putting a film to my lovely camera. Go to campus,hanging out with my friends. In the afternoon I usually go out with my girlfriend and spending time together.. hmmm .. right now we’re like getting addicted with Oktomat. We took an Oktomat with us and starting to shot each other. well that is so much fun and I called it “Oktomatic Romantic” hahahahahaha.. yeah I do that often in a bright sunny day :)

Name three things that inspire you. Can it be people? I don’t know three things that inspire me is : Friends,Family and Love

What’s keeping you busy lately? I’m busy with my campus life…..really I’ve got so busy lately but still to manage keep shooting with my lomo camera. In fact,I’m busy doing nothing.. hahahahaha.. ;p

Recommend a good movie! Serendipity,Before Sunset,Before Sunrise and The Lion King. I just love to watch movie but I recommend these movies to be watch by you all people :)

Well, thank you very much Lomographic Society International for this interview. I’m so flattered really and turning red :) It was so much of a suprise for me you know. still… I just can’t believe it.. hahaha.. I must be dreaming :)

Thank you



Anonymous said...

horizon, yummy!

Adi Prakarsa said...

hahahahaa.. yummy yummy tapi sayang shong lg musim ujan disini..ckckckck..