Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Future Is Analogue

If you see these photo and you're feeling familiar with these scene, YES! it's Nassir Photo in Bandung or has a famous name so called "Pa Haji". This place is so cool, I mean cool in the terms so "COOL", I'm saying it COOL because this place is so analogue. After months of seeing stuff all about "the future is analogue" in Lomography, I decided to see straight the film lab that is so famous in Bandung. After that.. OF COURSE! I took some shoot of that place. Yeah! if you are Bandung people and wanna taste some analogue experience.. just come to this place.
... people, remember.. The Future Is Analogue.

.....Vespa Oh Vespa

I really dream of owning some vintage or old fashion Vespa but me and my butt is too heavy + lazy to search some vespa and start learning how to ride a vespa, anyway above is some random picture that I took. The Vespa owned by my friend,Raffi and Sandi. But hell yeah, with taking those picture I certainly found some happiness maybe in the future I'll get a red vespa. Well I'm just making some wishes for the future.

Vote Me On JPG Magz

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Inspired by MGMT song "Kids" then I started to shoot those kids.
Above are some of my shoot using my lovely,LC-A+RL paired with ERA Shantou 100.

Potraits Project with LCA+RL

Above is just a few of my Potraits Project with LCA+RL. The first photo was the daughters of the woman below the first photo. These time around I'm still searching for people who like to be shoot for my current project.

In Motion


taken with LCA+RL
Film ERA Shantou

Sunday Morning

Waking up on Sunday morning isn't always bad after all. I managed to take some so called "Sunday Suprise Market" scene,it was near my home. NO! I have to take a long walk to reach this Sunday Market. It's a market! and yes there is loads of people. Yet I still enjoy this moment.