Friday, 11 September 2009

Asian Lomography Faces

I know it's so long ago but hey you gotta see what's inside this exhibition and see those asian faces!
The Asian Lomography Faces take place in Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Bali.
In Bandung, this exhibition take place at Happy-Go-Lucky Boutique.

Here some intro from Lomographyasia about the exhibition :

“Photography” is a magical media, in which photographers can express their marvelous experience to everyone. Apart from enjoying fun from analogue photography, Lomographers also record every smiley face in their colorful daily life. “Shoot from waist level” is motto of the supreme camera - Lubitel 166+, which is an expert camera to take portraits. During April and June, a group exhibition called “Asian Lomograpy Faces” will be held in the Lomography embassies in Hongkong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. A series of photographs were taken by the Lomography embassies in Asia Pacific region, to share their vision of their Lomography teammates, friends and the true Lomographers.

This is my photo for this exhibition using Lomography Lubitel+ 166U

"12 AM"

You can check the exhibition microsite here


Lina Zainal said...

whoa! that's rad yo!!!

Adi Prakarsa said...

thank linnaaaa!!